New Harmony Soap Company

Redesigning an Online Store for a Natural Skin Care Company

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ECommerce Solution for a smooth shopping and checkout process

New Harmony Soap Company makes 100% natural skincare products by hand in New Harmony, Indiana. When they came to us, they had an online store but were looking to revamp it with a new design and more user-friendly shopping experience. To accomplish this, we implemented and customized a new Wordpress theme that would provide a more modern design. Then, we optimized categories and shopping menus for ease of use. We also added a pop-up that encourages users to sign-up for the company’s newsletter by offering a coupon code. This sign-up form links to Mailchimp to store the contact’s information for when the company sends out their next newsletter.

New Harmony Soap Company

New Site Features

New Harmony sells products at many independent health stores throughout the country and wanted their users to be able to find the closest store. To accomplish this, we integrated Google Maps with a store locator that uses the user’s location and shows them stores nearby. They can also search by zip code, city, and state, or see an overview of all the stores on the map. In addition, we added a product search feature that helps users find what they need by keyword. Lastly, we designed “abandoned cart” emails to be sent to users that leave a session without checking out the items they’ve added to their cart. These encourage the user to come back to the site to proceed with the checkout process.

Site Optimization & Maintenance

New Harmony has plenty to do between making skincare products, packing, shipping, and running 2 store locations, so we wanted to ensure they never had to worry about their website. To do so, we provide them with monthly website and SEO maintenance. This maintenance entails ensuring all plug-ins are up-to-date, the site has regular back-ups (very important to not lose orders), and the site never crashes. We also keep SEO up-to-date as they add new products and blog posts. Lastly, when new products are launched or there is a sale happening, we design new headers for the home page to promote these.

New Harmony Soap Company
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