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A Teacher's Request

Education is always evolving and engaged teachers are in need of tools that will both enhance their teaching and their students’ learning. We provided our client, a reading teacher, with an online platform that allows her to help her students practice for their DIBELS assessment, a test for the acquisition of early literacy skills.


Science Behind Reading

Understanding the asks of the DIBELS assessment was our first task. We needed this knowledge to be able to determine the best functionality for the site. Our client showed us, M-Class, a platform that had the functionality she liked and wanted to mimic. We used M-Class on her account to scope out UI design and functionality. We also researched the best ways to handle playing and recording audio simultaneously with JavaScript, as this was essential to the phoneme sounds function.

Dibels Assessment

Logo and Visual Identity

We used primary colors throughout KangaRead. The classic blue, red, and yellow are reminiscent of elementary school days - bright and bold colors that children love. We crafted a simple logo that is meaningful and recognizable. The logo conveys the idea of springing forward. This springing motion ties in the brand's name (can't you picture a springing kangaroo?) and the goal for kids to jump-start their reading experience.


A Reading Platform in Action

The final product allows teachers to create student accounts and organize students into classrooms. From the custom admin panel, they can add stories, phonemes, phoneme recordings, and word lists. They have the ability to do this manually or via an uploaded CSV. Students can then log-in and practice assigned reading lists and phonetic stories, which involves listening to sample words and phoneme sounds, recording themselves repeating the words/sounds, and highlighting words in the given story. The practice screen includes a timer as the DIBELS assessment works in short time-frames. Students can review their own past recordings, while teachers can review their entire class' individual performances.

KangaRead website development and design
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