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New customized WordPress website for a local cleaning company

K&K Cleaning Solutions is a local cleaning company that wanted to gain new clients and spread the word about their business. To accomplish this, I created a website to showcase their mission, examples of their work, and a way for potential clients to easily contact them. The site is also equipped with social links and a basic contact form with email delivery. Together, we decided on a clean and minimal site that reflected the idea of a clean and tidy home. I incorporated colors from their logo into the accents and headings of the website to create a cohesive brand experience.

K&K Cleaning Solutions

Monthly Maintenance Plan

K&K Cleaning Solutions is always busy with new cleaning jobs, so we wanted to ensure they never had to worry about their website. To do so, we provide them with monthly website and SEO maintenance. This maintenance entails ensuring all plug-ins are up-to-date, the site has regular back-ups, and the site never crashes. We also keep SEO up-to-date. While WordPress is one of the best website platforms for small businesses, it is powered by plugins that are always being updated. This on top of regular WordPress core updates makes monthly maintenance a must for every website owner.

K&K Cleaning Solutions services website design
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