Twitter Profanity Tracker for High-School Coaches

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Project Overview

We discussed with our client, a football coach, his background with high school sports and the recruitment process. It was clear that there was a need for coaches to review players and get an idea of their holistic character, which includes how they carry themselves on the internet.


From Design to Reality

Our client came to us with an AdobeXD mock-up, which we were able to covert to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a seamless experience. We coordinated with the client frequently after implementing designs to take notes on improvements and tweaks that could be made. This design was made to adapt to all screen sizes, as a comfortable and friendly user experience for this client was a priority. We took his design and created a modern and approachable platform that's easy to use. We love the creative process and turning someone's ideas into reality.

Impostible home page mock-up


In this powerful platform, users can create an account and search Twitter profiles by single or a list of Twitter handles/urls. Lists can be made by uploading a CSV or manually inputting them. Users also have the ability to categorize searches into groups for easier review, then review their past searches and groups. We made searching profiles possible by integrating the Twitter API. Stats of how many users have been searched and tweets found are also viewable. A payment portal provides 3 options for users to buy more credits. We used the Stripe API for payment integration so that users can purchase additional searches via credit card. The admin can set pricing for searches, add words to be searched for, and change landing page text and lotti via the Django admin panel. In addition, they have the capabilities to manage or suspend user profiles.

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