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Changing Lives through Equine-Assisted Counseling

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Giving a Squarespace Website a New Look

Horse & Soul Counseling is a mental health counseling provider in Orange County, Virginia. Tara, the owner, came to us and wanted her website to have a fresh look to best showcase the business and her services. Their new site design is complete with pages to highlight their mission, team, location, services, social links, and contact information. The site is also equipped with an online store for users to purchase the interactive guides that the business provides.

Horse and Soul Counseling

Adding Subtle Accents to Create a Strong Brand

For Horse & Soul Counseling we wanted to provide a new and modern website design that would reflect the character of the business. Since Horse & Soul Counseling provides mental health services, we chose to make the website colorful, yet calm and simple. To achieve this, we opted to include a single main brand color - a vibrant green - throughout the site. Keeping the color palette simple also ensures that we craft a cohesive and strong brand. In addition, we peppered in a few tasteful animations throughout the site to add that subtle flair we love here at SubtleStride.

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